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The Nikoomanesh gaz collection was launched in

with student thinking and without any facilities from a bank and institution by Mr. Alireza Jafari, Managing Director of Nikoomanesh gaz , and was able to work with the inexhaustible personnel of the staff and the use of advanced devices for continuous improvement and Customer satisfaction

The main productions of Nikoomanesh gaz Company are the production of various Nucomans' specialties and labels with the national standard of Iran and all licenses for health and export.

The collection of Nikoomanesh gaz has been able to take a steady effort to achieve its goals, which is the production of traditional and high quality Isfahan gaz, in a fascinating package with a memorable and lasting taste.

Hope with your constructive criticisms and suggestions. Dear customers, which are the main source of our collection, we can have a direct impact on the world in improving products and displaying this traditional and original product.

Among the honors of Nikoomanesh gaz collection, we can mention the following:

succeeded in obtaining the national standard mark of Iran in 1395

Exporter of country samples in 1396

 Sample he EU

 Equipped with the most advanced production plant

 Experienced and experienced personnel in the manufacturing sector