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About gaz

About gaz

About gaz

Gaz Esfahan Souvenir is one of the renowned Iranian traditional snacks.

Due to the importance of natural ingredients in the food industry, Gaz is one of the few sweets in the world, in which starch, oil, preservatives, abnormal substances, chemicals, colors and flavors are not used.

And its compounds include:

Sugar, liquid glucose, a variety of brains such as pistachio and almonds, egg whites, tangerine, rose water, or ........    . It is the only sweetener that is used in the combination of tartanib, or clay milk, and rich in resources. Protein (egg white); organic matter, vitamins and minerals (a significant percentage of useful brain).

Gaz is in the first place in terms of shelf life and preservation of food consumption requirements and has the longest process (about 8 hours)

Considering the nutritional value and natural ingredients of Gaz, the share of this product in the household basket has increased.

What is gaz

 The germ factor of producing gaz angabin is a small insect that is about the size of a mosquito that builds on a stem or leaves of a bacon. Then it feeds on the parsley juice and produces nectar.

Then in late September, shiny and yellow beans, like millet, are obtained from gaz angabin bushes, which are referred to as an extract of angina geca.

Ingredients for making sugar from sugar, egg whites, almonds and pistachio, and honey and rose water are used. Of course, some gaze producers also use a kind of substance called potato bacon, which reduces its nutritional value.

The original type of this sweetness, which is still custom made, contains a small percentage of gazangsbin's precious extant. The value of gaz with angabin is usually 4 to 5 times more than the value of a typical gaz